Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summertime Sadness, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Radioactive

I love music! Anything from country, pop, rock, r&b, alternative 90's, blues, bluegrass, Sinatra, electronica, and a few genres that I don't know the names. I have to say that my husband has had a huge influence in the types of music that I've come to enjoy. Mostly the electronica/dubstep/house/dance mix genre. I remember listening to it at first and thinking it was repetitive and obnoxious. Now we listen to it all the time. Thanks, Sirius =D

Growing up, we didn't listen to much of anything outside of christian music and even then it was church music, not the Christian-rock that is somewhat popular. Not that I didn't enjoy the music, there are songs that I still really love, but our exposure to outside music was very limited. Even as I got older I never really understood the obsession of some of friends over certain styles and singers. But now, I get it =)

I was just thinking the other day about our kids and that they are growing up listening to quite a variety. It cracks me up to see Emma bobbing her head to a dance beat (Cazette's Beam Me up, specifically), or the two of them arguing over the lyrics to Radioactive. I hope that we pass on our love of music and all the different varieties there are to explore. 

One of these days, Matt and I will be grandparents and I wonder what it will be like to still listen to the music we enjoy now. I'm sure our kids will make fun of us, but the idea of grandpa Matt listening to Dead Mau5 is funnier than the idea of my grandparents listening to Johnny Cash. 

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