Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spring Sports

Ryan started gymnastics in January and really enjoyed it. His favorite exercise was the Rings, which is my personal favorite. 

Emma enjoyed her second session. I loved watching her play on the rings and walk across the balance beam. She did a great job at the end of session show and won a medal. She was excited =)

Ryan just finished his 4th season of baseball. They had a great year last year, they won the championship for their league. We'd ask for the same coach again, but he decided to coach his younger sons team this year. Ryan was on a whole new team this year and it was the first year for kids pitch. He really improved with his catching and batting. He spent most of the games playing catcher, which he really enjoyed. There is a lot more action watching your son play catcher than watching them in the outfield. They're tournament game was on Saturday and they played a great game, but in the end the other team racked up a bunch of runs in the last inning. 
He plans to play second season,  which is more like an organized sandlot and will give him a chance to just play and not worry about winning games. I'm looking forward to watching him grow with this sport over the next few years. 

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