Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quaint Quilts

My good friend and co-worker, Natalie made two quilts that now grace my house =) The first I bought at our School's silent auction. We gave it to Emma for her birthday and she loved it. It looks lovely hanging on Emma's bedroom wall.  

The second quilt was a request and is way more than just quaint.  Matt and I saw a quilt that we both really like, and although it was a style that she'd never tried before, Natalie took that challenge and surpassed our expectations. She ended up making two different quilts and asked us to choose our favorite. It was really hard to do, since they were both amazing. We decided to go with this one and I'm so happy we did. This photo doesn't do all the colors and patterns justice. I'm so proud to have a Natalie original =)

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