Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Purcell Christmas

Last Saturday (Dec 1), we had our annual Purcell Christmas gathering. We had a great turnout this year, it was wonderful vising with everyone. I now I can relate to my aunts and uncles who always commented on how much we've grown b/c when I only see my cousins once/twice a year, I realize how crazy it is that time goes by so quickly. It's just hard to believe that my cousin, Nicole, turned 21 this year! Unfortunately she was unable to attend (only via Facetime on Brandon's iPhone). 

The kids were really looking forward to going to Aunt Loretta and Uncle John's house. Mom and I made sure to talk up Santa to Emma, in hopes that she wouldn't start screaming as soon as he walked through the door. 

I'm glad she had mom to help give her courage. Ryan on the other hand was really happy to see Santa! 

When it was time for Emma to sit on Santa's lap, she started crying, but she found the courage to walk up by herself and sit on his lap.....

She even manged a Thank you for the gift he gave her. Maybe next year will be even better. 

Ryan asked Santa for a Super Mario Cart DS game, we'll see what Santa brings =)

Matthew, Leighla, and Evan were there as well, for Evan's first Christmas with the Purcells.

Grandma and Grandpa with Santa. We're so very blessed to still have them in our lives. My grandpa is 92 and my grandma is 91. 

We had lots of great laughs and I really enjoyed catching up with everyone. For one of the first times, I'm feeling comfortable enough with my self to join conversations and visit. Seems like in previous years I've always stayed next to Matt or mom b/c I wasn't sure how to start/join conversations with family. So weird to think that around family I'd be too shy and awkward. Perhaps it's something most people struggle with. 

I know it's so very cliche`, but it's hard to believe yet another year has come and gone. I always feel like next year is a long way off, but in reality it'll feel like yesterday I just wrote this post for 2012. 

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