Friday, December 7, 2012


I knew when I met him that he was a pretty great guy. When we were dating he would drive over to my high school to drop off letters, flowers, and treats at my car before he went to work. He would help me clean out stalls and groom my horses (this is definitely love, since he's such a city boy) He has always been supportive of me and my crazy ways. He's patient to my impatience, reasonable to my big ideas, fiscally responsible to my impulsive splurges, calm and centered to my exuberance. I'm so happy and blessed that he fell in love with me too and became my other half. 

For my 30th birthday, he went above and beyond to make this year special. I told him I had big expectations to celebrate my birthday (I love birthdays!). So, the poor guy was under pressure. He told me the week before that everyday for the next week I would have a lunch date with a friend. I wouldn't know where I was going until right before and I wouldn't know who I was meeting for lunch until I got there. I had a blast going to different lunch locations and meeting with all my friends. I meant the world to me that he arranged such a unique and thoughtful gift. Thanks babe...I love you lots and lots <3

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