Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fall Camping Trips

This year we went camping twice with Mom and Bill in their new RV. 

Camping Trip #1: Tippecanoe State Park 

We took a short hike around the campgrounds with the kids and stopped off at the playground. 

I love this shot that Matt took of Ryan climbing the tower

Matt and I watching the kids play...

Mom and Bill spending time with the the kids...

Ryan had a blast playing in the woods. He found an old log to explore

Camping Trip #2: Brown County State Park

The trees were spectacular this year! Mom and Bill stayed int he park through two weekends and it was amazing to see the trees change from mostly green to the colors displayed below. 

Ryan and Emma - Mom tried to get the kids (mostly, Emma) to cooperate for a photo...this one turned out pretty well. 

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a photographer, so this was it for this year's Brown county trip. We still had a nice time! 

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