Thursday, December 6, 2012

Emma's gymnastics recital

Emma has been taking gymnastics lessons for a couple of months now. For the first 4 weeks, she cried through the stretches. After that she was excited to work on the circuits and in the bouncy train. Eventually she got over her dislike of stretches and now she has a blast through the whole lesson. 

At the end of each lesson the class works on a routine. Emma has been practicing at home and I think she does a pretty good job! Last night they performed for all the parents, both as a class and individually. Afterwards they each received a metal. 

Ryan really wants to go to gymnastics too. So for Christmas this year, mom is giving Ryan lessons for a couple months this winter. I think he'll really enjoy it and it will help keep him active during the cold winter. He's already so strong and loves to climb and tumble, so I know this will be a good fit for him. 

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