Thursday, December 20, 2012

Emma Turns 4

Emma Marie turned 4 years old on Sunday. My baby is no longer a baby anymore =/ However, she's turning into a lovely little girl. We had her Little Mermaid party at the house and invited friends and family. Sorry for the blurry photos, for some reason the camera wasn't working. Note to self: Need to check on that before Christmas!!!

Grammy (April) made Emma's Ariel cake and did a great job! It was a strawberry cake with chocolate swirled seashells and was very yummy! 

Emma - making her big wish!!

Matthew, Mom, and Evan

Mason, Connor, and Ryan playing with Emma and her new Little Mermaid vanity set. Emma had a great time making all the boys look pretty =) 

Emma loved this gorgeous quilt that I bought from Natalie as a birthday gift. We plan to hang it on the wall over her bed - I think it will look great in there for years to come 

Miss Emma Sue - not cooperating when we asked her to pose for us in her new cowboy boots. In the background you can see the other pair she got too. She loves her new boots! I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous!

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