Friday, December 14, 2012

Batter Up!

This summer Ryan participated in his 3rd season of baseball, which is also his last year of coach-pitch. He had the same coach and many of the same players from last year. 

As you can see Emma enjoyed this year's season too...just in her own way =)

Ryan had lots of support from his family too, including his Grammy, Memaw, Papaw Bill, his uncle Matthew, and my dad. I think this is a great photo of Emma and my dad =) 

After one of their tougher games that was won with a walk-off home run, Ryan walked up to his dad and started crying. He said "They are tears of joy dad! We were going to lose the game and then we won because of Jackson's home run." Matt was proud of him for getting into the game and showing that competitive spirit :)

They played a great season and won the Championship game for their league! 

Matt and Ryan decided to start following baseball, so they picked the Tampa Bay Rays as their favorites. To support their team, the boys each got a Rays' jersey for their birthdays

This summer we took a trip to Victory Field in Indy to catch the Indians vs. Detroit Mudhens game. The Indianapolis Indians are affiliates with the Rays, so we had an opportunity to watch a couple of their players at the game. Ryan and his friend had a fun time, even though it was scorching hot out in the sun - fortunately we found some shade higher up in the stands. 

We're really looking forward to next year. We hope to follow Coach Rusty again, but if not, I'm sure Ryan will still have a great time playing!!

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