Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Are You....

And what have you done with my husband????

After a crazy week at work, a birthday party, and company at the house, we decided to stay in on Sunday and not go grocery shopping for the coming week. It was great to sit back, relax, and enjoy a clean house =) So, I knew that after work we'd have to take a trip to the dreaded Walmart - we were down to one roll of TP, we had to go! 

After picking up Ryan and Emma we were on our way back to the house to let Lilly out and change before heading out again. Emma and I do most of the shopping and Matt will go occasionally, especially if I barter doing some of his chores =) Out of the blue, Matt offered to go shopping and let me stay home. What!?! Then, he offered to take Emma too (granted the girl LOVES to shop). I was pleasantly surprised! To top it all off he brought back my favorite candy bar, Take 5, for an after dinner treat. I love that man! 

Emma Turns 4

Emma Marie turned 4 years old on Sunday. My baby is no longer a baby anymore =/ However, she's turning into a lovely little girl. We had her Little Mermaid party at the house and invited friends and family. Sorry for the blurry photos, for some reason the camera wasn't working. Note to self: Need to check on that before Christmas!!!

Grammy (April) made Emma's Ariel cake and did a great job! It was a strawberry cake with chocolate swirled seashells and was very yummy! 

Emma - making her big wish!!

Matthew, Mom, and Evan

Mason, Connor, and Ryan playing with Emma and her new Little Mermaid vanity set. Emma had a great time making all the boys look pretty =) 

Emma loved this gorgeous quilt that I bought from Natalie as a birthday gift. We plan to hang it on the wall over her bed - I think it will look great in there for years to come 

Miss Emma Sue - not cooperating when we asked her to pose for us in her new cowboy boots. In the background you can see the other pair she got too. She loves her new boots! I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ryan's Random Thoughts

Ryan: "Cavemen lived around the time of Dinosaurs." 

Matt: "Yeah, but they died along time ago."

Ryan: "Now we have hobos." 

Matt: "What?!?

One last trip to florida

In February, I decided to take Ryan on a last minute trip to Florida to visit my grandparents at the their place in La Belle. Ryan was 2 the last time we were in Florida to visit them, so I really wanted to get down there one last time, since we were not sure if my grandparents would be able to go back at the end of this year. 

Mom, Bill, Loretta, John, Dodie, and George were going to be there visiting as well, so I thought it would be a great time to go. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I made sure everyone didn't say anything to Grandma or Grandpa. I asked Matthew if he wanted to come with us and fortunately he was able to come as well. 

The downside of planning a trip on short notice was that we had to fly into Tampa, but the silver lining was I had a chance to spend a couple of hours in the car with my brother. It's not very often I get to sit down and talk to him for very long =) I really enjoyed our car rides to and from the airport. 

I called my grandma right before we pulled into the drive way to tell her how much we missed her and really wished there was a way we could come and visit. As I hung up the phone, Matthew, Ryan, and I walked through the door. I will never forget the look of surprise on her face. Nor, will I forget her looking around for "that little booger". Unfortunately, Emma was unable to come too. 

Since Ryan was much older this time, he was big enough to ride the three-wheel bikes. 

My aunt Dodie and Uncle George have a pontoon boat down there, so they took us out for an afternoon outing. Unfortunately  the weather was pretty chilly, but we still enjoyed the day and the water

Tuesday night, Dodie fixed a lovely dinner for Valentine's Day. Apparently Bill and Ryan had their fill =) 

The Aqua Isles Boulevard - 

The pool - many fond memories of noodle fights with Matthew in this pool =D 

My grandparents, John and Katie, in front of their winter home for 20+ years. 

We had a wonderful visit. As it turns out that was their last trip to stay in Florida for the winter. I'm so glad that it worked out for Matthew, Ryan, and I to see them. 

Do you feel lucky???

Well do you??

Ryan's 9th Birthday Party

My baby boy turned 9 this year! Hard to believe 9 years have come and gone...and technically we only have 9 more years until he's off to college. Ahhhh!!! 

He asked for a Tampa Bay Rays team party. Gotta love Party City, who has MLB-themed party supplies. Whew! April made the cake and cupcakes. She did a great job decorating it!

He had several friends over and they had a blast. It was too hot and muggy outside, so the stayed inside. Wow, didn't realize how loud five 9 years olds can be! At least they had a lot of fun together. 

Ryan has enjoyed his gifts this year...

Batter Up!

This summer Ryan participated in his 3rd season of baseball, which is also his last year of coach-pitch. He had the same coach and many of the same players from last year. 

As you can see Emma enjoyed this year's season too...just in her own way =)

Ryan had lots of support from his family too, including his Grammy, Memaw, Papaw Bill, his uncle Matthew, and my dad. I think this is a great photo of Emma and my dad =) 

After one of their tougher games that was won with a walk-off home run, Ryan walked up to his dad and started crying. He said "They are tears of joy dad! We were going to lose the game and then we won because of Jackson's home run." Matt was proud of him for getting into the game and showing that competitive spirit :)

They played a great season and won the Championship game for their league! 

Matt and Ryan decided to start following baseball, so they picked the Tampa Bay Rays as their favorites. To support their team, the boys each got a Rays' jersey for their birthdays

This summer we took a trip to Victory Field in Indy to catch the Indians vs. Detroit Mudhens game. The Indianapolis Indians are affiliates with the Rays, so we had an opportunity to watch a couple of their players at the game. Ryan and his friend had a fun time, even though it was scorching hot out in the sun - fortunately we found some shade higher up in the stands. 

We're really looking forward to next year. We hope to follow Coach Rusty again, but if not, I'm sure Ryan will still have a great time playing!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Well....she almost has it right

During Thanksgiving weekend we were at my Mom's house for the holiday. Emma was in the bathroom with my mom as she was getting ready for the day. Emma needed to use the potty and as she was doing so, she shared a few thoughts with my mom...

Emma: "Meemaw...I pee from my pirates"

Mom: "Yes, you do"

Emma: "Well, it has two names, pirates and gina"

Mom: "That's right"

Emma: "Boys have pirates"

Mom: "Yes, they do"

Emma: "They don't have ginas though"

Mom: "No, they have a penis"

Emma: "Right, they have peanuts!" 

Friday, December 7, 2012


I knew when I met him that he was a pretty great guy. When we were dating he would drive over to my high school to drop off letters, flowers, and treats at my car before he went to work. He would help me clean out stalls and groom my horses (this is definitely love, since he's such a city boy) He has always been supportive of me and my crazy ways. He's patient to my impatience, reasonable to my big ideas, fiscally responsible to my impulsive splurges, calm and centered to my exuberance. I'm so happy and blessed that he fell in love with me too and became my other half. 

For my 30th birthday, he went above and beyond to make this year special. I told him I had big expectations to celebrate my birthday (I love birthdays!). So, the poor guy was under pressure. He told me the week before that everyday for the next week I would have a lunch date with a friend. I wouldn't know where I was going until right before and I wouldn't know who I was meeting for lunch until I got there. I had a blast going to different lunch locations and meeting with all my friends. I meant the world to me that he arranged such a unique and thoughtful gift. Thanks babe...I love you lots and lots <3

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I swear I'm not clumsy!

I came across this post the other day and it cracked me up....

Ok, so maybe I am just a little bit. The week before classes start, I had on one of my pretty summer dresses and black strappy sandals (that I've had for at least 6 years). I had no hope of survival...sandals with no more tread left, newly waxed tile floors, and I slipped on the floor, tried to right myself, and I fell to the floor on my hands and knees. Lovely! I scrapped up both my knees, as well as the palms of my hands. Thankfully there were only 2 or 3 people in view, so most of my dignity was still in tact. 

The Damage...

Attack of the Flying Monkeys

November 5th, Ryan and his 3rd grade class performed the Wizard of Oz. It was based off of the original book, so the story line was a little bit different than the movie. Ryan didn't want to audition for a speaking part, so he was a crow and a flying monkey. The flying monkeys had a step routine and Ryan worked hard to be sure to have all the steps memorized. It was fun watching him practice (even Emma memorized some of the steps, we got a kick out of watching her mimick Ryan's moves). He makes a really cute flying monkey!!

McConnell Fall Cookout

Late October we went out to Aunt Trudy and Uncle Keith's farm for a cookout/bonfire/hayride. It was great to see everyone, including Kurt and Karissa; Angie, Grady, and Jon; Wendy; Mike and Judy; and Ty and Katie. Matthew came a little late, but just in time for the hayride. 

When we arrived there was a beautiful half rainbow in the sky....

Trudy mentioned that Grady was coming dressed up for Halloween, so the kids decided to dress up as well - Ariel and a Tampa Bay Rays player

Uncle Keith had a massive fire going for all of us. Which was a good thing b/c it was quite chilly outside. 

The sky was still really pretty late into the evening...

The hayride was a lot of fun! We reminisced about hayrides and bonfires we shared at our farm growing up. Glad to see the tradition is still going, even if it's changed a bit =) Looking forward to next year! 

Ryan's Style

I love the fact that my son enjoys dressing up, whether it be in a suit and tie for a wedding or cowboy boots and hat. He's such a handsome guy =) 

Fall Camping Trips

This year we went camping twice with Mom and Bill in their new RV. 

Camping Trip #1: Tippecanoe State Park 

We took a short hike around the campgrounds with the kids and stopped off at the playground. 

I love this shot that Matt took of Ryan climbing the tower

Matt and I watching the kids play...

Mom and Bill spending time with the the kids...

Ryan had a blast playing in the woods. He found an old log to explore

Camping Trip #2: Brown County State Park

The trees were spectacular this year! Mom and Bill stayed int he park through two weekends and it was amazing to see the trees change from mostly green to the colors displayed below. 

Ryan and Emma - Mom tried to get the kids (mostly, Emma) to cooperate for a photo...this one turned out pretty well. 

Unfortunately, I'm not much of a photographer, so this was it for this year's Brown county trip. We still had a nice time!