Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Father's Day

10 years ago, Matt celebrated his first father's day.  Although we've had a bumpy road when we started our family, one thing that has always been constant is Matt's love and support. He's been a wonderful father to Ryan and Emma. Always there to help them with their problems and make them smile when they're feeling grumpy. As I watch all the craziness that goes on around me, I realize that God has truly blessed my family and my marriage. I couldn't have made it this far with out him by my side, raising our two amazing kids. 

Quaint Quilts

My good friend and co-worker, Natalie made two quilts that now grace my house =) The first I bought at our School's silent auction. We gave it to Emma for her birthday and she loved it. It looks lovely hanging on Emma's bedroom wall.  

The second quilt was a request and is way more than just quaint.  Matt and I saw a quilt that we both really like, and although it was a style that she'd never tried before, Natalie took that challenge and surpassed our expectations. She ended up making two different quilts and asked us to choose our favorite. It was really hard to do, since they were both amazing. We decided to go with this one and I'm so happy we did. This photo doesn't do all the colors and patterns justice. I'm so proud to have a Natalie original =)

Spring Sports

Ryan started gymnastics in January and really enjoyed it. His favorite exercise was the Rings, which is my personal favorite. 

Emma enjoyed her second session. I loved watching her play on the rings and walk across the balance beam. She did a great job at the end of session show and won a medal. She was excited =)

Ryan just finished his 4th season of baseball. They had a great year last year, they won the championship for their league. We'd ask for the same coach again, but he decided to coach his younger sons team this year. Ryan was on a whole new team this year and it was the first year for kids pitch. He really improved with his catching and batting. He spent most of the games playing catcher, which he really enjoyed. There is a lot more action watching your son play catcher than watching them in the outfield. They're tournament game was on Saturday and they played a great game, but in the end the other team racked up a bunch of runs in the last inning. 
He plans to play second season,  which is more like an organized sandlot and will give him a chance to just play and not worry about winning games. I'm looking forward to watching him grow with this sport over the next few years. 

Emma's new kicks

Emma's previous pair of tennis shoes lasted a whole 6 months!! I couldn't believe the pair had made it so long. So, we went shoe shopping last weekend b/c the old pair had finally bit the dust. These are the ones that she picked out. Secretly, I'm a bit jealous that she has such a fun pair of sneakers =D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What animal is this?

I came across this photo on imgur and it reminded me of Emma. That, plus my love for bacon!

Almost every time we sit down for a meal and there's a type of meat on the plate, she asks me, "What animal is this?" So I usually tell her it's pork, beef, etc., but then she wants to know what animal exactly. This is a little disturbing for me, as I try to not think about my slab of ribs being a former piglet. I'm hoping this stage passes quickly!

Summertime Sadness, Cotton Eyed Joe, and Radioactive

I love music! Anything from country, pop, rock, r&b, alternative 90's, blues, bluegrass, Sinatra, electronica, and a few genres that I don't know the names. I have to say that my husband has had a huge influence in the types of music that I've come to enjoy. Mostly the electronica/dubstep/house/dance mix genre. I remember listening to it at first and thinking it was repetitive and obnoxious. Now we listen to it all the time. Thanks, Sirius =D

Growing up, we didn't listen to much of anything outside of christian music and even then it was church music, not the Christian-rock that is somewhat popular. Not that I didn't enjoy the music, there are songs that I still really love, but our exposure to outside music was very limited. Even as I got older I never really understood the obsession of some of friends over certain styles and singers. But now, I get it =)

I was just thinking the other day about our kids and that they are growing up listening to quite a variety. It cracks me up to see Emma bobbing her head to a dance beat (Cazette's Beam Me up, specifically), or the two of them arguing over the lyrics to Radioactive. I hope that we pass on our love of music and all the different varieties there are to explore. 

One of these days, Matt and I will be grandparents and I wonder what it will be like to still listen to the music we enjoy now. I'm sure our kids will make fun of us, but the idea of grandpa Matt listening to Dead Mau5 is funnier than the idea of my grandparents listening to Johnny Cash. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Who Are You....

And what have you done with my husband????

After a crazy week at work, a birthday party, and company at the house, we decided to stay in on Sunday and not go grocery shopping for the coming week. It was great to sit back, relax, and enjoy a clean house =) So, I knew that after work we'd have to take a trip to the dreaded Walmart - we were down to one roll of TP, we had to go! 

After picking up Ryan and Emma we were on our way back to the house to let Lilly out and change before heading out again. Emma and I do most of the shopping and Matt will go occasionally, especially if I barter doing some of his chores =) Out of the blue, Matt offered to go shopping and let me stay home. What!?! Then, he offered to take Emma too (granted the girl LOVES to shop). I was pleasantly surprised! To top it all off he brought back my favorite candy bar, Take 5, for an after dinner treat. I love that man!